Guide to Information Graphics: Response

My biggest takeaway from the first chapter of Dona M. Wong’s book is perhaps what should have been the most obvious in a class called Visualizing Data: the data — the information being presented — is what matters most. Putting presentation tactics and strategies aside, the accurate and clear conveyance of information is the primary goal of creating a chart.

I was also a little surprised by just how much typography styles and color usage can affect the legibility of a chart, something I know I have always appreciated in graphics that I feel worked well but could never quite put my finger on if I had been asked to. The importance placed making wise color choices or avoiding setting type at an angle or in all caps has made me look back on some of my own underdeveloped graphic illustrations with a newly-informed sense of disdain, one that I’ll be sure to remember (and learn from!) going forward with my work in this class.