Not so lovely

People are mysterious. There’s always a part of them burried deep underground, hidden in the darkest place of their heart.

Actually, we never really get to know someone: we keep discovering their secrets bit by bit. And sometimes those facts that we think we found may be pure lies.

They are not so lovely,

Not at all.

Some days passed since I saw him.

Finally a little chance of finding love. Again.
Maybe not.

She met him. I never did. But I “knew” him, online.

“What should I do?” I asked. She looked at me through the not-so-bright screen. “What do you think?” she took a short breath and raised her voice “talk to him”. I wasn’t really sure if she was right about that, I mean, all the guys I did that with had a reaction that didn’t please me that much.

Short answers.


I wanted to fool her “…You’re right, I’m not risking anything after all, am I?” but then I saw her tiny smile “But is he…?” she knew what I was going to ask. “I think so”. She started to tell me a story about him. The answer to my question.

30 minutes passed,

I was already talking to him.

The conversation was very casual and brief. But we really did like each other, I already liked him. Yet, the conversation was not so stable. Still, it was fun.

But do not think it was that easy.

Because we were tired.

It was 3am,

And being tired changes everything.

It started; talking to him became a part of me. The chat was still pretty casual. And I started writing longer paragraphs, inserting emojis.


Didn’t change.

Was this a sign? Was he just trying to fake the fact that he enjoyed talking to me?

The truth was…

“So tell me” her high pitch voice was the same as every fangirl waiting for their ship to become real. “He’s nice” I said without adding any further details. And she kept silent for a moment. Her smile faded, and she looked at me, this time not behind the screen.

My heart was racing.


Boom Boom

She looked at her phone

BOom BOom

I looked at mine


And there it was, he published something


But it wasn’t what I expected to see


He was holding her perfect hands. A girl I never met in my whole life.

A girl I knew, since that moment.


Because he thought that I wanted to befriend him. And that’s how he was with them.

Should I blame him for thinking that?

After all,

Humans are not so lovely.

And he was human, like me

Like her.

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