Phases of realities

I never had an imaginary friend.

Instead, I created multiple personalities in my head and sat down on my bed each night; trying to notice my reactions in unique situations.

My own reality show was live in my head and it kept my imaginaton going.

Some pretty interesting things came out of it. Getting to know myself was one of them. Not only did I get to understand what was hiding deep inside me but I had a lot of fun.

At first it was just a way of losing time and then it became a mysterious therapy.

However, don’t think I only got significant matters out of it, I also found some pretty funny and weird facts.

There is no way a perfectly serious vibe would get out of an imaginary villa with 15 people in it. Especially with some immature minds.

Doing this exercice each night can be pretty nice, believe me.

This text is about how I would be in a reality show. It’s about what I discovered about me. You’ll see my different phases and the way of behaving linked to each one of them.

And remember! Do it, try it! You’ll be surprised by the results!

Phase one (first days): Hysterical bitch

It may sound strong at first, and it totally is! Do you know how it would feel to meet some people that you may not know in a city that you may not know in a place that you may never have ever visited in your whole life? Maybe even live your dream? Personally, I really don’t. I do have some ideas. What I do know is that I would be such a hysterical person.

Talking 24/7, dancing and yelling like if I was in a party. I’ll always be moving around and I’ll be more excited than ever.

One tip, don’t try to get to know the real me during this phase because you will never get to enter my "personal bubble".

All doors are going to be closed those first days. If you want to create a link between us: not the right moment.

Phase two: Detective

As you'll know, my excitement should've already be gone by the first week. And it'll let another part of me rise from the dark.

Surronded by strangers? 
Well that part of me would be the detective. I cannot live in a house with multiple people I barely know. I have to be aware of how to react and who may or may not be a good person for me; a friend (or more).

This part of me may be mixed with some other temporary behaviors.

But what will I really be doing?
It’s simple.

I'll look thoroughly at each reaction, each personality, each person. I'll try to talk to people, get to know them. AND DON'T EXPECT MUCH FROM ME DURING THIS PHASE EITHER. I'll just be discovering my surroundings, I'll not be interesed in anything else. 
No friendships yet,
Nor relationships.

Phase three: Cutie pie

THAT is when you can try to approach me. It’ll not be that visible at first since the phase will appear gradually and slowly.

You’ll just feel that, even if you failed at approaching me the first time, you can try again now.

This phase will be the one where people will get close to me or maybe the one during which others will take advantage of me in a way or another (this will lead to an alternate phase).

I will be nice and cute to everyone, I’ll show a part of myself and let people discover my true soul.

The time this phase will keep on going will depend on the attitude of others.

[Alternate] Phase four: Killer dog

Did you offend me frequently when I was just trying to be nice? Have you been mean or have you ever talked behind my back? Were you gossiping about me one night? If that’s the case, welcome to your worst nightmare.

I could be a nice guy and I showed it to you but you didn’t really care. Because of that, I’ll change my behavior to make you regret it.

This phase will be barely impossible to change. I have bad thoughts about you and it seems that you do too. So I’ll make your life a living hell like you tried to do with me {And failed}.

If you ever wake up this part of me just be really careful. I’m like a dog, I can be really cute at first, but if you try to harm me in any way you will be the one to get hurt.

If you provoked me during the stay, good luck!

[Alternate] Phase four: Neutral mind

You couldn't prove to me that you deserved to be hated or loved. So you're in the middle and that's it.
I'll just smile and be respectful, no hard feelings.
That's just about it for you.

• [Alternate] Phase four: Counselor

You are my friend! Congratulations! I'll be there to listen to your problems and to help you. I'll be by your side during fights or discussions (only if you are right) and I'll help you to get way further than just flirting and getting flirted by the person that got your attention.

Be aware that I demand some things: 
No betrayal
No emotional approach (or else you know what will happen: friendzone)
Help when I need it (emotionally)

And just don’t fuck up.
Or else, I’ll become a killer dog.

• [Alternate] Phase four: Vacation boyfriend

You opened a door I (maybe) never thought you would. And there is no turning back.
This whole "vacation" will be a paradise for both you and me. I’ll be more demanding with you than with a friend (and it’s normal). I’ll get to know you like no one ever did. And viceversa.

However, this is still a reality show and it’s just like a vacation and you should know that it’s 90% sure that after the show, there will be nothing left.

If you live far away from me, just forget about being your whole life with me. Picture it as a vacation in a resort; you’ll love me for a week, a month and then everything will end when you’ll step on the plane.

If it goes further than that though, you would be really lucky, and it would mean that there is no chance that I will let you go.

Fuck up and you know what is waiting for you.

• [Continous]: Sensitive ghost

I may dissapear and sit by the pool while you are partying or I may be crying in my room.

Don’t worry! I assure you that it will happen pretty often.

You will know what to do. Maybe.

Phase five (last day): Lonely crybaby

This will be before leaving (and even afterwards). 
The nostalgia in me will be so strong.

"Time passed by so fast
I had an amazing time 
I'll miss you guys so much"

Those clichés will come out of my mouth as I’ll cry like a baby.

It’ll be heartbreaking to watch, you may even get to think that I don’t have friends (who knows?).

I’ll hug the heck out of you (if I like you) or I’ll try to say goodbye with a mean tone even if I’ll be aware that I will fail.

This will be the real goodbye.
And the last image you’ll get of me will make you think that maybe

you never really got to know me.