The necessity of Net Neutrality

The Internet as we know it is open and free for anyone to use as long as you have an ISP (internet service provider), but the debate arround whether Net Neutrality should exist has angered the community. As the Internet continues to grow new regulations are necessary. So, what is Net Neutrality? It is the notion that regardless of size, power, money or even the relationships that websites and companies have with certain ISPs, all data is to be treated equally by them and will not discriminate against virtual activity such as P2P communication (peer-to-peer). The company Comcast in 2007 did exactly that; it blocked internet traffic to certain sites that utilises P2P communication — NBC News, click here.

So, why is it important that we must have Net Neutrality and respect it? For if we do not then ISPs could subject themselves to favouritism, therefore amounting to diminishing innovation and giving larger corporations more power, more money and more control. I am personally paying an Internet service provider to access the Internet which they do not run, own and must not control — And you are too by viewing this article! It will then be unfair for the ISP to tell us how to use it, regardless of our activity. It’s like buying a bike from somewhere and they tell you how to ride it, where to ride it and what tricks you can do on it and so on and so fourth.

If Net Neutrality ceases to exist, ISPs could be liable to form much tighter bonds and relationships with other large businesses and corporations such as within the film industry. This would subsequently bankrupt other smaller businesses, hurting particular country’s economies. Net Neutrality is extremely important to eCommerce businesses as it relies heavily on Internet access and page loading times for their sales. If ISPs will be allowed to sell higher or lower Internet speeds to access the Internet, this will benefit companies that are already larger and more financially stable, ultimately resulting to chaos because large corporations will continue to have more and more control. Thus reducing their competition within the industry this will give rise to higher prices for consumers.

Without Net Neutrality ISPs could potentially limit our bandwidth depending on whom we may speak to, the content we see and hear, and the data and information we have access to. They could in theory limit our future children’s education and learning by limiting the Internet connection society have, as more and more reading and exploration is being conducted online; on tablets, mobile devices and other means. Where is the idea of being free if access and bandwidth to information is limited? We must not let our ‘freedom’ be controlled by corporations and big businesses. The internet is OPEN and for EVERYONE.

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