We investigated which premium credit cards offer extended warranty for drones.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Casey Neistat recently, but I’ve been itching to get a drone — specifically the DJI Mavic. Why the Mavic? I love the idea of a flying camera that shoots 4K, that I can carry around in my back pocket (vs. a speciality bag).

If you’re willing to be a little absurd (and value money more than time), you can save up to 76% on Uber.

San Francisco to San Jose: Straight shot vs. split trip

I already wrote about whether Uber Flat Fare was worth it for the Bay Area (it is for most people) and wanted to see how far I could take it.

What if you had unlimited time and wanted to optimize your fares in an absurd way?


You pay a $10…

Given today’s prices, would it make sense to get a card solely to avoid dealing with inflated aftermarket prices?

There are a ton of articles with “tricks” to get tickets to Hamilton. Most of these involve extreme persistence, like showing up to each showing and hoping people cancel. Remember, you’re still paying the face value price of $197 to get these tickets. People are obsessed with Hamilton.

On December…

You only have until your December statement date — which might be as early as December 1 — to use your $300 annual travel credit.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who got the Chase Sapphire Reserve, you might remember that it comes with a $300 travel credit every calendar year. What you might not realize is that your 2016 credit might have already expired (as early as December 1 for some people).

The Fine Print

You get top-of-the-line specs at 50% of the price, but with some noticeable quirks.

I’m a value optimizer. When I shop for products, I’m not looking for the cheapest thing available (which are typically junk) or the absolute best (due to diminishing returns), I’m looking to maximize the value for what I spend.

The OnePlus 3T is the epitome of value for money.

This $479 phone from OnePlus has specs that beat most flagships.

My Experience with OnePlus


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Chase just launched a top-tier travel credit card to compete with American Express (Platinum) and Citi (Prestige) in the…

3 Terrible Reasons to Found a Startup

Like the cover art for my blog post? Check out Blog Cover.

The startup buzz is growing. Whether it’s a fad or the new norm, I’m starting to hear a lot of misconceptions from want-to-be entrepreneurs.

Most of what I hear scares me — a lot.

Here are the…

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