What I Learned of Working With Snapchat Campaigns.

The thing is: Snapchat is fairly new, at least to B2C companies but especially the stately sphere. But here is where a lot of it can go wrong and what you should think about when planning a Snapchat project,
because the companies usually don’t.

So this is was my third Snapchat job or project and well, I’m getting the hang of the whole concept. This time I was working with the Swedish town of Malmo, trying to market different types of educations for 14 year old students who is choosing their major next year.

We started of with a school tour, traveling around the south of Sweden with to semi-famous personalities and me as a reporter and producer. Trying to spread the word and the channel for the big finale which was this huge event during three days where the students can get inspired of different work titles etc. Even the King of Sweden was attending.

Now, usually I get a finished schedule and script of a way the company/organisation BELIEVE the Snapchat material should be produced. Only one problem: the one who created the script and the concept has never used Snapchat as a production tool before and therefore don’t know how to write a script made for the format of the Snapchat story.

First of all, writing a script is not easy at all. Storytelling is an art and believing that is just a schedule and no more, is a big mistake.

Usually you create a number of scenes and then put them together to one movie. That is the traditional way of making a movie. The difficulty of Snapchat is the art of creating one story with a lot of pictures and videos to create one story.

My latest project was a combination of a story and a form of reporting concept. The personalities had a story and I was later reporting the tour.

Now the problem arrives: the script I received was not customized for the Snapchat format which created a bit of confusion and extra work trying to create the story in question. I was the only one with experience with producing professional content on Snapchat so I had to put out extra work on changing the script to a Snapchat format on set.

Letting someone with actual experience of professional scriptwriting OR Snapchat-experience writing the story will reduce time and confusion on set. Now it takes a lot of trust to let some ‘snapchatter’ write a script which is going to reach thousands of viewers.

But to create a successful campaign you need to expose your brand values, ideology and purpose in your Snapchat campaign. Therefore it’s very important to give ALL the details of the purpose of the campaign and the ‘must have’s to the creator to use as a reference point.

I’ve also learned that the organisation usually don’t have any clue of what script has been written which I believe is utter stupidity. I believe the reason to be is that the organisation or the company don’t understand the impact of a successful campaign.

So don’t let the ‘My Story’ be the only information you have of if it’s good or bad. You wouldn’t create a movie and let it go until it’s released would you?

I’m humbled to see the impact Snapchat have on the viewers. The value of reach on Snapchat is huge. The viewers are committed to the story and do care about what’s happening. Snapchat is truly about what the genius of Gary Vaynerchuk says: numbers don’t matter, influence does.

Hope you enjoyed this and I would love to get your two cents worth in the comments below.

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