Dearest self,

I love you, I swear I really do. Maybe there are times when you think I don’t. But that’s okay. Because sometimes, I really don’t. Maybe that two things happen at the same time. I now understand why people have a problem with loving you. It’s hard to have and to maintain. Some friends have loved you, have known the sweetest things you have or the greatest things you’re great at, and that’s why they’ve loved you. But those friends, have a problem with maintaining their love for the greatest and the sweetest things in you. Because beside those sweetest & greatest, you have the most annoying & the weirdest things.

You’re not great sometimes when they need you to be. You’re not sweet at times when they need you to be. And yet, you’re great when they don’t need you to be. You’re sweet when they don’t need you to be. They don’t understand you, so do you to them.

You are a very wrong person…back then. You befriended the wrong people, you liked the wrong person, you loved the wrong guy, you said the wrong words, you have think the wrong thoughts, and you acted the wrong reactions. That’s when you started breaking your own little world and turning it into a big catastrophic hell. But now, when you started befriending great people, like the right person, and loved the right guy, you have rebuilt the little world you’ve damaged and brought back, successfully, the greatest and sweetest things in you. Sadly, the most annoying things and the weirdest are still there, but since you are now surrounded with great and right people, they don’t have problem maintaining their love for you because they don’t care with your flaws — the annoying and the weirdest things in you.

From all the love I can muster,