Sebis Henzenn
Feb 20, 2017 · 5 min read

Initial Stage

In this post we will use an Azure virtual machine running Ubuntu 14.04. We will use Putty, an SSH client, to connect to the server and use the Bash shell to control the OS.

.Net Core Configuration

The install process of .NET Core is changing over time. So, we should go to the official documentation and follow the steps:

Creating our asp.ner core website

To create our website, we will run the following commands:

Configuring Apache reverse proxy server

We need to install Apache Server running the following commands:

  • modproxyhttp: This module implements the proxy features for HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
  • modproxyhtml: This module implements the proxy features for HTML.

Publishing our core website

Now it’s time to publish our website and delegate the run task to another service. To publish the app we run the following script:

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