10 Things About This Election You Probably Don’t Want to Hear
Dave Pell

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Something that is worth looking into: how did the public become this way, and why? Shouldn’t we be looking for root causes? I get the impression that a large part of our culture and society actually fosters such behavior and attitudes.

We’ve dug ourselves a hole, and the next generation is making it deeper with social media (traditional media = shovel, social media = industrial-grade mining drill). Also, when it comes to informing the public, the rules of the game are “increasing consumption” rather than “increasing awareness”. Any media organization that tries to break from this paradigm suffers from “lack of money” or marginalization into the exciting and colorful world of alternative media (which, as we all know, is widely followed in the US — jk). Somebody needs to build a ladder that we can use to climb out of said hole, but it’s gotta be a pretty tall ladder.

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