See you’re doing the thing I spoke to in the article, trying to straddle two truths.
Caitlin Johnstone

Everyone that serves the function of “information gatekeeper” might be lying. Furthermore, the Syrian Civil War will continue regardless of US military involvement (which, according to the US media, is limited to air bombing strikes with a heretofore unspecified degree of Special Forces involvement).

In addition, you have stated that you want “your nation’s military forces … to leave Syria the hell alone”. This implies an objective for your writing. I sincerely apologize if you are sincere in your convictions, but from my point of view, and particularly in the light of the “gaslighting” you mentioned, of which I am painfully aware, I simply can’t trust you or anyone else that has an interest in conveying a certain course of action.

True journalism should always be impartial to the point where no recommendations or suggestions for future action are made, just the facts. True journalism also does not exist.

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