“I would contend your opinion that Assad will win eventually if left to his own devices.
Caitlin Johnstone

Points well taken. I am not a rabid ranter as my previous post would suggest :)

I’m just frustrated by the fact that the very process of forming an opinion based on the dubious information available to me serves one or another government’s oligarchic interests (and make no mistake, they are oligarchic regardless of the government in question). This makes me feel like a sad, confused puppet.

I would just like to point out that Pilger is a regular presence on RT, so John Pilger is to RT as Van Jones is to CNN. His opinions (perhaps sincere) on an array of issues are persistently consistent with the diplomatic positions of the Russian Federation, just as Van Jones speaks (perhaps just as sincerely) in line with the positions of the Democractic Party on just as broad an array of issues. I will concede that perhaps Pilger has qualifications as a journalist that exceed those of Van Jones (who is not nor has ever been a journalist), but the analogy remains…

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