Your Periodic Reminder that the US Media is Pure Democratic Party Propaganda
Austin Frank

The entirety of the news media in the US (and in many cases, also in other countries) is a political farce. It does not even provide a semblance of knowledge for its consumers as it is tainted by partisanship and bias. We have no way of knowing whether the whole “Russia scandal” is a witch hunt or grounded in specific evidence.

We will only learn the truth through documentaries filmed 20 years in the future, which has been the case for most major events in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, up to (but not including) the Iraq War (unless you count Al Jazeera, but only with regard to the specific topic of the Iraq War, and only because it has a vested interest in telling that story). Everything after that is shrouded in the aforementioned partisanship and bias.

Since the media has become an extension of politics, what recourse do we, the public, have to access a true recounting of current events?

P.S. It’s obvious that Fox would have more favorable Trump coverage than the other networks, since a lot of their consumer base voted for Trump. It’s simple economics. The same is true for CNN, but in reverse. The fact that economics and private interests have such a huge role in the shaping of public opinion is truly indicative of the thought corruption in our civil society.

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