You Only Hate Assad Because Your TV Told You To
Caitlin Johnstone

The question I would ask is: why are you more inclined to believe the evidence that supports your arguments than the evidence presented by other sources? Do you believe the evidence just because it stands in contrast to the evidence provided by so-called “mainstream” sources?

Assad also has a propaganda machine. It is also a fact that he initiated violence against protesters at the “civil disobedience” stage of the conflict. It is worth examining how this “civil disobedience” was fomented in the first place (CIA psyops?) throughout such a large section of the Arabic population, not just limited to Syria.

I am aware of the oligarchic nature of our governments, the partisan nature of our media, the complicity of various civil society organizations in propagating the narratives of Western political parties. But I still ask, with a great degree of skepticism, why would you believe Vanessa Beeley, or even if her words can be taken in good faith, how do you know she was not exposed to a propaganda ploy by the Assad government? The fact that you see Western governments as evil brainwashers does not preclude the Syrian government being the same.

Yes, there is institutional brainwashing. But how do I know you are not trying to do something similar simply by standing as an alternative to that? How do I know you and Vanessa Beeley are not some Russian- or Syrian-funded propagandists? The answer to that question is that I can’t possibly know, so spare me this:

“But you undeniably have the ability to make that choice, here and now as you finish this article. Are you the sort of person who can face uncomfortable truths and revise their worldview accordingly, or the type who compartmentalizes and avoids them for the sake of cognitive comfort?

Step into the light.”

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