~2015 in review

Screenshot of the front page of Amuzor
Babel/6to5 npm download graph
Example of two of the junior developer positions I applied for

Hey, I’m wondering if you had any positions available or knew of any Sydney Node.js or JavaScript companies that would be hiring?

I recently finished high school and I’m eager to get out into the workplace. I know i have what it takes to fulfil a development position and have heaps of code to back me up.

I’ve created 6to5 which is an ES6 to ES5 transpiler: https://github.com/sebmck/6to5 It’s been extremely successful and receives widespread use and rivals Traceur by Google.

In early 2013 I launched a website (which sadly had to be closed down), Amuzor, a content aggregator, that at it’s peak received over 10k views a day.

My biggest personal project (which still remains unfinished unfortunately) is nyx (https://github.com/nyx-platform/nyx). It’s a full-stack framework/platform for Node that focussed on modularity. You’d compose applications out of modules and they’d all work seamlessly together, regardless of your combination.

Attached is also my resume.


Hey Sebastian,

Thanks for getting in touch, I’m keen to have a chat.

We don’t specifically have any positions available but it looks like we’ve got a lot of common ground. Nice work with 6to5 :)

Not sure how much you know about Thinkmill, but we’ve got a strong combo of agency-style commercial work, startup projects and open source / framework development going on, so we’re potentially a good fit.

Otherwise, we know a lot of people in Sydney who work with Node.js and Javascript, and I’d be happy to help you find the right place.

My number’s XXXX XXX XXX, let me know when you’re good for a call.


Map of directions from Wodonga to Sydney
Map of all the CloudFlare points of presence around the world
The home computer I destroyed RIP
Excerpt from babeljs.io/users listing 12 companies who use Babel
Map showing route from Wodonga to London
Honey chicken, the food of gods
On stage at BrazilJS 2015
Making a CloudFlare logo out of lego
An actual issue comment I received
My GitHub contribution graph



I’m a Software Engineer living in London working on JavaScript Engineer at Facebook. From Wodonga, Australia.

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