Humanity’s Post-catastrophic Backup System: A Blockchain-free decentralized cryptocurrency and a Hyperfund for long-term space exploration, space infrastructure development and space mining of energy, metals and minerals

We plan to set up a dedicated monetary fund for long-term permanent human space colonization and exploration of solar system and other stellar systems as soon as advanced space propulsion technologies allow us to do that. In addition to this, the fund will finance private and non-profit space mining ventures e.g. asteroid mining to support infrastructure development in space and other planets. This hyperfund will be structured as a Swiss Non-Profit Foundation with a mandate to financially incentivize investors and co-founders for accelerated development of advanced space propulsion, deep-space hyperluminal communication, space housing and space mining technologies that will be necessary to achieve our stated goals. We would like to call it and we have already registered a namesake domain for its primary web presence. We envision initial corpus of this fund will grow into a trillion dollar fund within a decade or two.

Our home planet Earth is the only habitat and home where we humans originated first and lived so far. But on a long timeline, the odds are going to rise against us and various existential threats to our home planet and whole of humanity will keep on increasing exponentially if we remain earth-bound. Our vast universe is dangerously violent and large pockets of its intergalactic regions frequently meet with cataclysmic death and destruction.

Besides negative aspects of collective human nature with its nationalistic and ideologically selfish tendencies may cause sudden breakout of thermonuclear wars followed up by large-scale environmental and atmospheric destruction. This can easily mutate into an unprecedented global catastrophe wiping out 99.99% of human population. In the aftermath of such an unprecedented blackswan event, human survivors will have to face tremendous odds to perpetuate humanity and re-create a civilization.

That’s why we urgently need to build a full-proof backup system for our global human civilization. And this backup system can only be created in deep space far from Earth and its natural satellite moon. For this, we need to start investing in advanced technologies and finance high-risk high-reward R&D projects influenced by non-mainstream science especially those of speculative nature but backed by credible talented scientists and engineers with unsullied reputation. For example in order to develop advanced space propulsions, huge multibillion dollar funding is immediately required to explore and advance following forward looking and highly speculative technologies and their underlying non-mainstream interdisciplinary scientific models that aim to realize faster-than-light space propulsion for interstellar travel: 1. Modified Alcubierre Warp Drive, 2. Modified Heim Drive, 3. Phase-Displacement Drive, 4. Fontana’s Hyperspace Drive, 5. Quantum Alcubierre Star Drive (up to 1032c FTL speed) and 6. Transpace Drive based on Fluidic Trispace Space-Time (10c and up to Infinite Velocity).

Initial funding for Hyperfund will come from founding members (co-founders) and anchor investors. They will buy electronic tokens of a new decentralized scalable cryptocurrency to be launched soon after completion of core technology development and genesis. This new cryptocurrency codenamed “Substar” will be an unchained (Blockchain-free) decentralized cryptocurrency capable of hyperfast validation (< 1sec) and built-in resistance to 51% and 33% attack vectors that plague all contemporary decentralized cryptocurrencies e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Substar will not be constrained by hardwired slow validation of transactions.

We have decided to adopt directed graph-based blockchain-free framework and algorithm designed By Boyen, Carr and Haines of Queensland as a model for developing our Substar native cryptocurrency. This framework is free from all bottlenecks and centralization issues that come packaged with blockchain implementations. You may download their technical whitepaper here:

The main governing body of will be a Swiss Non-Profit Foundation (to be registered) that will control its native cryptocurrency (or hypercurrency) Substar’s development and hyperfund’s core agenda. But we plan to set up (as principal sponsor) a series of for-profit special investment funds (SIFs) to raise multibillion dollar funds for investing in various sectors of space, materials, information technology and energy industries which will directly or indirectly aid and reinforce our Non-Profit organization’s cherished goals of providing humanity with an existential backup system.

We are keen to talk to potential partners, developers, investors and co-founders. You can reach us at Those who prefer more secure channel of communication, you may send us a bitmessage. Our Bitmessage ID: BM-NBDd8BAKLv5kPUSwvFPnEvX7UhMXgZ61

If you don’t have a Bitmessage client, you may download one (for Mac/Windows/Linux) here: