$6.99 on Mac
11 Most Used Tools Essential to my Work *UPDATED*
Tobias van Schneider

Hi Tobias,
Maybe prices are different from one country to another, Hemingway is at $19,99 when browsing in France. You might want to update that in your article.

Apart from that, it’s a bit strange to go through your list and find all the tools I also use almost every day. There are only a few differences. For example, I use Sublime Text instead of Coda. But I was using Coda before I discovered the possibilities of Sublime Text. You should give it a try if you never did.

I don’t use Headspace, and I replaced Momentum with a plugin that shows a new picture every day from Unsplash. Finally, I tried Mindmeister a while back, but I prefer to use a large sheet of paper that I put on the wall. That way, I have it under my nose whenever I need it, and I can add or change things on a whim.

Then, for the tools I use that are not on your list, I have to say that I use Grammarly a lot these days. It’s a web app, as well as a plugin that is checking your spelling and grammar within the tools you use for writing. Like Evernote for example ;-) And finally, a little free app to organise the windows on my screen: Magnet.