IA #4 Museum Visit 1

“Spolarium “ By Juan Luna

It was my first visit in the National Museum and I was amazed by the art made by one of the famous artist in our country. This Spolarium is an overwhelming art when I first saw it, it is huge and it is full of emotions.

Oil on Panel

Juan Luna Y Novacio

Family Portraits and Domestic Scenes in Paris

One thing that caught my attention when I saw this portrait is that, this kid looks like “Scarlet Snow”. Kidding aside, when I saw this portrait I feel comfort, because being a kid means you’re free to do whatever you want and you don’t need to be stressed out on various things.

Oil on panel

Juan Luna Y Novicio

Japanese Scenes 1896

When I saw this portrait I feel relaxed because I remembered when I was riding a boat before and the lake is very calm it gives good vibes and all I can feel is positivity.

Oil on canvas

Dominador Castañeda

A View of Manila 1940

This portrait shows how fast the time changes. Infrastructure, vehicles, train system and growing population is what we can see now in Manila. It is very different compared to what Manila looks like before.

Late 19th century oil on canvas

Hilarion Asunción Y Eloriaga

Portrait of a Mother and Daughter

Nothing can break a mother and daughter bond, this portrait reminds me of my relationship with my mom since she is always there to guide and support me.

Oil on canvas

Ireneo Miranda

Tausug Princess 1951

This portrait of a princess reminds me of my first AESTHET activity since I picked this photo and on the spot I relate it to my self . It becomes significant to me in a way that this is one of a well-known princess in our country.

Ink on paper

Vicente Silva Manansala

Maria Clara 1959

She’s one of the famous character in the book of Noli Me Tangere. This portrait reminds me that now a days women are not that innocent compared to the time of Maria Clara because women empowerment has grown to our society and they have the voice to reach out.

Various Drawings

Fernando Amorsolo


As I looked at these drawings, I’ve realized that everything is being detailed and those landscapes reminds me more about the views that we have in our province.

National Museum Collection

Memorabilia of Emilio “Abe” Aguilar Cruz

This memorabilia is a lot different compared to other that I saw because it is full of unique things that makes it more attractive to the viewers.
At the front door of National Museum