Art Fair Philippines 2017


CANVAS Gallery

This gallery conveys a message wherein our country is now conquered by globalization and technologies. People way of lifestyle had now changed and because of it they become wild, liberated and self-centered. It shows how our country is being civilized and at the same time being destroyed. We all know that our economy is growing yet their are still crimes, corruption and inequality that is happening and some people doesn’t take actions inorder to prevent it. I think the theme of this gallery is about the country’s growing economy and how people act and react on it.


By: Sangviaje

We get frustrated thinking why is this world so cruel to us that we don’t realize the we were the ones who created these monsters. We are the ones responsible in creating the environment that causes our demise.


By: Dante Lerna

Society is growing as each day passes. As we look into the future, we also look into the past. We use everything that we learned through history as stepping stones in building a brighter tomorrow.


By: Marcel Antonio

We do what we can to survive, that is the law of nature. Populated cities are where most people gather. Given the scarce amount of resources and a large amount of people competing for the same goods. It is to no surprise that people will do everything in their power to get ahead in life, regardless if it causes damages to others.

Shadow Forest: Encounters and Exploration

By: Ronald Ventura

We often discriminate and differentiate ourselves from other species. Sometimes we don’t realize that we have more things in common than there are differences. This also tells us that we should also be sensitive enough when it comes to other people because we might not know the real stories behind them and people are being insecured because of something others have and they become insensitive and they ends up judging others.

The Bench Artefacts from 1987 onward

These artifacts being showed has its own different stories and it was made with the creativity and passion of the artist and these artefacts are valued most since it is not only about the clothing’s that artist or any person would wear because it was created to preserve the aesthetic before and for the future generation. This also tells us that it is not only about fashion and design, it is about how these fabrics are being made in order to satisfy the needs and wants of the people.


By: Luis Antonio Santos

Art can not only be seen through visual images. Sometimes art is not obvious. With a plain shirt and a plain text, art is somehow not present in this painting. But it deceives us from the real art — the person.


Metamorphosis (Astro Bling)

By: Gabriel Lichauco X Filip Houdek, Josef Hlavenka

New Folk Hereos

By: Ronald Ventura

Drink, Paint, and Die

By: Juan Alcazaren

During our visit in the Art Fair, the audience that are present their are mostly students, teenagers, couples, young professionals and professionals, actors & actresses. They are all busy looking and taking pictures at the portraits and sculptures exhibited. Some people are talking to the exhibitor with matching wine on their hands.

When it comes to the contemporary art scenes what I can say is that these art works are really amazing and unique. People come and appreciate the arts that are being exhibited. Compared to our visit in the National Museum, I think that this exhibit is a lot better because we can really enjoy the scenes that we look into since you can go near it but it also has restriction compared, we can touch some of it and sit on it. Unlike to the National Museum it was very strict , we can’t make noise and make fun of the art works since it is more formal and sensitive.

As a whole my Art Fair experience was very amazing and it was fun because me and my friends got to bond and give our own opinion about the art works that we’ve seen, I was also exposed into different types of art works and as I look into it I feel different emotions and I can also relate in other arts through the messages that they convey.

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