Guessing right 9/10 predictions last year (damn you, crypto) gave me the confidence to do this again. Here’s what I expect to happen in tech in 2019:

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High confidence:

🛴 Uber enters the scooter game by acquiring one of the major players, alongside a (initially) successful IPO.

🎙Podcasts will attract large investments and at least 1 podcast-related company will reach >$100M valuation.

🍎 Apple will lose mobile market dominance due to the lack of innovation. Android wins considerable market share.

Likely to happen:

🤷🏻‍♂️ Elon Musk faces unprecedented backlash because of his decisions / tweets.

🆕 New paid advertising channels will open up.

📊 Fairly stable public markets, despite recession concerns.

⏰ Major layoffs at Facebook – most notably, Sheryl Sandberg.

Wouldn’t bet my money on:

🇨🇳 At least 1 Chinese tech company gains huge popularity worldwide.

💸 Amazon will spin off AWS into a separate company, valued at >$100B

🍏 Apple makes a multi $B acquisition in an attempt to enter new markets.

Jan 1, 2018. I can’t wait to look over this next year – either proud or embarrassed. Here are my top predictions for Tech in 2018, in a chaotic order:

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💸 ️ Cryptocurrencies will skyrocket. Only a few will stick around (my bet: BTC and ETH). Huge fluctuations and more practical use cases.

🤖 ️ More bots. Both online and in our homes.

🛒 ️ Amazon enters new markets successfully. People will start worrying about Amazon’s power in commerce. Many will copy them.

🍎 ️ Apple reaches $1T market cap. Homepod will see mediocre success. Larger iPhone X, more iPads sold, Face ID everywhere.

🚕 ️ Lyft will IPO. Uber will keep losing ground. Flying car development will accelerate.

🛠 ️ AI will get bigger, smarter. More jobs. Still a long way to general AI.

🙅 ️ Seed Investment will continue to slow down. Companies will focus more on profitability early on.

📸 ️ Augmented Reality will see more interesting applications. Mass adoption still far away.

👻 ️ Snapchat will innovate in an attempt to survive. Instagram wins more market share.

📹 ️ Influencers will find new ways to monetize and leverage their audience. Influencer marketing will continue to grow among big companies.

How to Measure Your Success on Instagram Stories: A Simple Guide for Marketers.

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Is that what Instagram Stories are all about? Does it all come down to number of digits on that little view count label? After all, that’s the only available stat, right?

WRONG! — (Read in your favourite voice.)

Although it’s arguably the hottest media platform right now, it’s still very unclear how to use it at its full potential and more importantly, how to track your return on investment.

Regardless of your goal — whether that’s increasing your follower base, getting more sales, new clients, building brand awareness or simply sharing a fun story — it’s almost impossible to measure…

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I just finished a 48-hour Hackintosh building marathon. It was a fun experience and I learned a lot of new things.

In this post I’ll try to convince you to choose a Hackintosh as your next main computer.

Why a Hackintosh?

Performance 🚀

Flexibility ⚒

What if you want a…

Sebastian Dobrincu

Entrepreneur · Angel Investor· Building & breaking stuff 🚀. @Sebyddd on Twitter.

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