What is the number 1?

Anyone who knows how to study numbers soon discovers how meaningful they are, how alive and active. Consider the number 10, for example, which is the symbol of totality: it is composed of 1 and 0. But this 1 and this 0 must not simply be considered as adjacent figures; they must be joined together and set in motion. The figure 1 represents the spirit, the 0 represents matter, and the spirit penetrates matter to animate it, to vivify it. We can thus say that any act that contributes to the maintenance of life within us corresponds to the number 10. When you eat, you open your mouth — the 0, in order to introduce food — the 1, and this union produces energy. And what does it mean, to see ? It is the effect of light — the 1, striking the eye — the 0. It is the same phenomenon once again when sound strikes the ear. As for our head, which is spherical, it too is an 0, and it is into this 0 that the spirit must descend. As long as our head has not received the spirit, it is an 0 and produces nothing worthwhile. But the day it is visited by a ray from heaven, it gives birth to a divine child, and we become a 10. Until then we are merely an 0. You will say: ‘What kind of an interpretation is that?’ Well, it’s just that: an interpretation.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov