Reality TV has undergone quite the evolution in the past two decades. What began with one show depicting scantily clad young people competing for a monetary prize in Survivor has since evolved to shows about everything from fishing industries to practical jokes to romantic relationships. One of my favorite shows to come out of this development is Nathan For You, a show that parodies business fixer-upper reality tv using shocking marketing tactics. If you are unfamiliar with the series, the show is in and of itself quite perplexing. There is no real comparison to it. In some ways it resembles shows like the Carbonaro Effect or Punk’d by tricking people into going along with the ridiculous. However, unlike those shows, the schemes must be elaborate enough to fool both business owners and customers. There is also no filmed reveal that the scheme was a joke at the end, solidifying the perception that Nathan is a just a man with highly original consulting ideas. …


Shannon Carroll

Stories and opinions around historical perspectives and expressive structures

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