Web Challenges

In this challenge, you just have to edit the cookies and set the value of it that was required.

2. dig_dug

In this, you have to use the dig command to get the DNS TXT record of the given URL i.e hole.sketchy.dev

3. The Inspector

Inspect elements the given page by a browser.

4. Wite-out

also, inspect the page

Web challenges

Programming Challenges

1. Instruction

Dear Agent Reffef,

I have attached the super secret plans for operation 0x576f726b206f6e207468652070757a7a6c652c2073746f702072656164696e672068657821.
You will need to decode it first though.

The rules are simple:

A line is “viable” if the length of…


This week, We decided to play SHELL-CTF 0x01 organized by SHELL Community, along with AXIS, VNIT Nagpur. It was a really pretty good Capture-The-Flag (CTF) event with a lot of challenges.

CTF started at around 6 PM IST, We joined the team and enjoy solving challenges with such cool hackers.

Our team ranked 4th in this CTF. But according to Scores, we are 2nd 😛

In this post, we are going to describe solutions to the KRACK-JIIT CTF 2019 Organized by JIIT Open Dev Circle (jodc). This was a very interesting and beginner friendly capture-the-flag event, Our team “sec-army” really enjoyed working on it.

Our team reached the 2nd rank in between the CTF but ended up with 8th rank at last.

Challenge: capture_Vietnam — Packets

We sniffed some packets on the traffic. Who knows what you’ll find

Challenge URL:


Type: flag

Category: Easy

Point: 50


Provided with the captured packets, we can check for the flag in pcap dumps.
Opening the packet dump in Wireshark…


We organize hacking based Capture-the-flag competitions, hangout on discord, make podcasts, blogs, posts and alot more things.

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