Expressions more colorful than ever with the Cannon Land Family Stickers!

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With the upcoming launch of our new product from the @cannonlandgame franchise we decided to create a new and innovative line of merchandising: Using Stickers to promote our games.

Thanks to the newest apple update, games can include stickers bundles for iMessage, so we found a great opportunity to give more depth to our characters, at the same time we promote them.

In Cannon Land Family we believe in games for families to play together, creating families of Pet Bullets so everyone can feel represented. That is why the Stickers Bundle is based on the characters that form the main family within the game, where we tried to create daily situations reflecting the daily life of our users, making them empathize more with our characters and feel a stronger bond with our brand.

Being able to introduce our game characters in daily conversations allows us to get more presence in our fans environment and get organic notoriety reaching new consumers.

We hope you enjoy them!

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