SEC Weekly Issue №22

Dear Sectors:

Last week, the Social Ecommerce Chain team made unremitting efforts to accelerate the maturation of the main program, especially our German team. This week, all of the Social Ecommerce Chain’s work was remarkable. The main program will be tested publicly, and the stability and robustness of the system will be continuously enhanced. The client wallet has finished the internal test, and the transfer time test is underway. Ecological project was invited to attend large industry conference, and the Social Ecommerce Chain’s ecological layout is further. The figures for international operations continue to rise.

The following is the specific content of issue 22 weekly sport, please enjoy!

Project progress
  • Testing the main program of the Social Ecommerce Chain blockchain system, and be ready to enter the public test stage;
  • Global deployment of test nodes to prepare for main network stress testing;
  • Perfect the JSONRPC interface and completed the interface document;
  • Test the Social Ecommerce Chain client wallet, test average transfer time;
  • Fixed multiple bugs and increased the system stability and robustness.
Team progress
  • On October 18, 2018, the third China sustainable development of the direct selling Summit Forum and 2018 CWTO direct marketing research professional committee conference held in Beijing PengRun international hotel. The theme of this meeting is “Direct Selling In China Under The Social Electricity”. The Summit invited direct marketing experts and social electricity experts and representatives of enterprises, to discuss how direct selling enterprises and social electricity integration development.
Mr. Chen giving a keynote speech as a representative of experts in the field of social e-commerce

Chunlai Chen, the director of the SEC (Social Ecommerce Chain) international social e-commerce club, was invited to deliver the keynote speech of “reconstructing direct selling — the practical revelation of industrial social e-commerce”, as a member of the expert group of “Mofcom — Social E-commerce Operation Standard” of China Internet association. He cited a number of inspirations brought by the combination of social e-commerce and direct selling, including the commercial marketing model in the era of “we media” mainstream, which is interpersonal communication based on trust relationship. Direct selling enterprises need to increase online social operation; Social e-commerce such as WeChat business and platform distribution will develop rapidly. Direct selling enterprises will need to face the changes brought by new strategies, namely networking and blockchain technology. His innovative ideas were highly endorsed by the experts and enterprises present at the conference.

International Dynamics
  • The Social Ecommerce Chain has opened multiple international social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, Google+. The international operation is impressive so far. There is live streaming coming online soon please stay tuned.

As of October 22, 2018, the data of core overseas social media is as follows:

  • Twitter: 757 fans; Last 7 days total hits: 1809 times
  • Facebook Discussion Group: 550 total followers
  • FB Fan Page: 91 total fans
  • Quora Questions and Answers: 346 total hits; Interactive: 32 times
Community dynamic
  • Before October 23, 2018, the number of SEC telegram group is 24,458, include Chinese 24,989, English469.