Change, the only constant in life- Heraclitus

I’ve heard this many times before, whether it has popped up in everyday conversation, or online on social media. Change is inevitable. One thing I have noticed is that it can lead to deterioration of relationships, whether it’s between friends or boyfriends and girlfriends. Change should never be an excuse for things going wrong. Why? Because it’s constant. We must learn to embrace it and adapt to new situations. Isn’t that what humans are good at? Just look how we evolved!

To live your life to its fullest (however you may like to interpret that), I believe we should treasure each moment in our lives and be grateful for everything we have. Sometimes we overlook small things that make us smile, and only realise how much it meant to us when we lose it (worst case scenario).

Back to the topic of change- I have found through my own experiences and also hearing from others, that we tend to be more accepting of changes in our own lives. However, when it comes to change in other’s lives, especially where we perceive the change as having a more ‘negative impact’ e.g. being able to see someone much less often, we tend to be less accepting, leading to change in behaviour and dynamics of relationships.

It’s because we remain too focussed on small insignificant things, and in that process, we overlook the more important aspects of relationships. I just hope that more people realise that when it comes to change, especially with others, we should be more open minded and see things not just from our own perspective. Some people can get stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, when in fact, change does not necessarily lead to a ‘worse’ situation. Change will of course be different, but relationships do not have to deteriorate, not if both sides want to keep that bond. If both parties are willing to make that effort, then nothing can break it. I may not see my friends ‘often enough’, however, they know that whereever I might be, I’ll just be a text, phone call, message away and I will always be there for them if they ever want to chat, rant, hang out etc. And I know that they would do that for me too. That’s why I really appreciate and cherish the close friendships that I have, and know that whether there is big or small change, we will try our hardest not to allow it to impact negatively on our relationships.

This was just random thoughts I had, whilst I was on my evening commute going home. I tend to have much more time nowadays on trains since I moved my job to Chelmsford, but I guess it’s good in that I have more time to chill and reflect- me time! Especially when my phone and ipod batteries dies… (Not today thankfully).

Anyway, Happy Monday evening!


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