How to Manage (and Enjoy) Two Careers

Exploring and pursuing new interests do not always have to result in a complete career change. Sometimes, you can grow a second career alongside the one that you — still — love. The key is in managing your time, your energy, and expectations — both your own and the people you work with.

Who better to explore this topic than Lisa Akers, Spaceship Builder AND Master Herbalist!

While her career in the spacecraft industry remains meaningful for her, Lisa found herself feeling burned out a few years ago, from long working hours and heavy travel.

After an ER visit where she presented with chest pain and high blood pressure, Lisa was frustrated by the lack of diagnosis that would explain all her physical symptoms. It was during that time that she met an herbalist who helped her regain her health and well-being, and who became her mentor as she embarked on her study of herbalism and autoimmune disease.

Lisa’s story would have been interesting already had she then decided to leave her first career to create a second one. But what made her story particularly interesting to me was Lisa’s decision to continue wearing her Spaceship Builder hat as she began to weave a new hat altogether.

In this episode, Lisa shares how she’s managing and enjoying both careers, how she learned to take care of herself, and the importance of setting boundaries for herself and at work.

Highlights of Episode 20:

  • What triggered Lisa’s interest in chronic and auto-immune diseases and in herbal remedies
  • Why she decided to build a second career instead of a career change
  • The changes she’s made to her work-habits and mindset to accommodate a second career
  • Recognizing boundaries and honoring those boundaries at work
  • When is what you’re feeling beyond a simple need for a break or vacation

To learn more about Lisa Akers and her work on chronic diseases, visit her website or her Facebook page.

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