Is Something Holding You Back?

Making a career pivot or a career change requires us to step into a new role for ourselves. No matter what kind of career move you’re planning to make, one thing is true. You are always stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone. And that requires leadership. It requires action and drive and initiative and direction and influence and moxie… all things we associate with the word leadership.

Which is where we get tripped up. And why we hold ourselves back from taking on the role we really want.

I invited leadership development coach Kathy Bourque to the Second Breaks Podcast to explore this topic.

Kathy’s also a veteran in the world of career change. As you’ll hear, she’s got quite an interesting career journey — having held different roles and worn different hats through-out her professional career.

She founded her own company called “Rock Your Culture” several years ago, which focused on helping business owners become remarkable leaders.

About a year ago, she took on a leadership role in a pharmaceutical organization, which allows her to continue her work on leadership development.

Your influence is felt, whether you’re planning for it or not. —Kathy Bourque

In this episode, we talk about the things that trip us up when thinking of ourselves as leaders, why we are all leaders *although we may not recognize ourselves as such*, and what to do when we feel we’re not ready to step into our leadership role.

Highlights of Episode 21

  • What holds us back from stepping into our leadership role
  • The things that trip us up when we think of ourselves as leaders
  • Why we are all (already) leaders, whether we recognize it or not
  • What vulnerability has to do with leadership
  • What to do when we think we’re not ready to take on our next step

All the places you can learn more about Kathy Bourque: her LinkedIn profile, her website, via Twitter.

Mentioned in this episode

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The Power of Vulnerability: TED Talk by Brené Brown
Mind Hacking by Sir John Hargrave

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