We have some changes coming.

Some changes are coming to SecondGen

First, WTF is SecondGen?

From the beginning, SecondGen has had the goal of bringing students together to create the next big thing. How we’ve done that has changed over the past few years. Today, we have finally found that the best way of spreading our mission is through our chapter program, events, and an online curriculum.

When I first started SecondGen, I had outlined my goals for what it would become in the next 5 years. One and a half years later those goals have been crossed out, modified and thrown off a roof (literally) and with every iteration or project that comes out of it, it still has the same impact in the end.

Okay, so what’s changing?

Times are changing and we decided to do the same.

So there are a few things you’ll notice right of the back:

We got a new look!

  • Our first logo was made at 2am after trying to design a logo for one of our other projects. That logo has lived on but it hasn’t lived on with the mission of SecondGen. Today that is changing to reflect a brand that we are proud of.
  • Also we’ve updated the current website, every few weeks it will be updated with more content and features. Check it out at www.secondgen.org

Chapter Program

  • First you’ll notice the chapter program has grown, but we thought that we could do better to support more students worldwide. So we’ve updated our charter program and have created the partnered club program.
  • We’ve also updated our charter program, we’ve made the barrier to entry much lower and created a guide for you to get started right away with a step by step guide to start a club here. Also to start a chapter it’s $0 and there is no membership fee either from our end, just make sure fill out this form and thats it.
  • Our partnered program allows currently established clubs from Business related to art related to partner their chapter with SecondGen so they can benefit from the contest and resources that we provide. Your club doesn’t need to be independent either, if you’re a charter for another program we still allow you to be a charter for SecondGen.
  • For more on the program you can check it out here.


  • More resources? Yup, thats right!
  • Ever since the beginning our expansion outside North Dallas we’ve strived to make more resources so that you are prepared no matter where you are.
  • Today we are happy to release an number for guides and content. First is the blog you are reading this on, as time goes on we will continue to use this as a place to update our community and release tips as well as content.
  • Next we have a new curriculum out, this curriculum has everything from discussion questions, presentations/lessons on how to build a business, workshops, and other online resources. You can check it out here
  • Last is our guides, listed in the previous section we have started to develop guides to help you and make the process of working with us easier. Here are the available guides as of today. Chapter Guide & Partnered Club Guide.


  • Our community has grown tremendously within the last year and is the main reason for why we do what we do. There are 2 major updates with the community programs.
  • First we have created an amazing set of community leaders so that they can help you out in your local communities with anything you need pertaining to secondgen or entrepreneurship in general. Having these students located all over the world will allow us to host regional pitch days and help in person whenever needed.
  • Second we started developing relationships with more organizations and events, we will announce those on a rolling basis throughout the month of October. If you’d like to partner with us, then fill out this form here.

Now what’s the plan?

  • October first marks our 18th month as an organization, so this is still the beginning. We will continue to grow as an organization and expand our programs to impact more students worldwide. In the next year we plan on expanding to over 250 school and completing as well as opening up new programs for the community at whole.
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