The content in this article comes from the archive of my irregular Twitter video series, Crypto Art Question of the Day (#CAQOTD). On February 22, 2021, I broadcasted a video where I asked “What’s one thing you wish someone told you before entering the NFT space?” and these are some of the insights.

Fortunes Foretold Forever (Second Realm, 2021)

More and more artists are discovering the power of NFTs and the promise of CryptoArt. …

An Emerging Digital Genre

Trash Art is a new genre that uses existing media to create new works much in the same way collage and installation works took found or junk objects and incorporated them into a larger piece. Its history of thought and progression is outlined in the text below. This article is the second in a two-part series. The previous article informs the discussion about trash art.

WTF is Trashart? (Second Realm, 2021)

The trash art movement began with a conversation about what defines art; the role of curation on-chain; and the role technology plays in the creation of art. Does a shortcut disqualify…

Found Art and Junk Art — Bucking Tradition

This article covers the origins of trash art, which can be seen in the found art and junk art movements. The thoughts here inform the discussion about trash art in the next article. This article is the first in a two-part series.

Moshed Fountain (Second Realm, 2021)

In 1917, French artist Marcel Duchamp entered a work into an exhibition put on by the Society of Independent Artists.

Fountain (1917), Duchamp’s entry, is considered the first piece of Found Art; it was not well received at the exhibition. In fact, Duchamp found that his piece — a urinal…

An overview of key moments within the last decade.

1202 Days Moshed (Second Realm, 2021)

Crypto art has been around since 2011. Mike Caldwell’s Casascius Coins was the first example of crypto-infused art. Each coin “contain[s] an embedded piece of paper with digital Bitcoin value, covered by a tamper-resistant hologram.”¹

Artist Rhea Myers announced her new project Ethereum — This Contract Is Art on her website on July 22, 2014. The project utilizes a contract with a JavaScript element that allows a user to toggle between “This contract is art” and “This contract is not art” when a user runs the JavaScript script on Myers’ site.

SΞCONĐ RΞΛLM is the award-winning art studio of Eric P. Rhodes — an NFT innovator, OG #trashart expert, and founder of TATR tech ($TATR)

You can find their art here:

Opensea —…

MyBAE —…

Rarible —…

SuperRare —

Website —

You can connect with them here:

Twitter —

Instagram —

Telegram —

Collectibles, yield farming, liquidity mining, potatoes — what’s not to love?

The Overview

TATR tech (Ŧ™), led by Second Realm, is launching an experimental protocol formulated at the intersection of decentralized art and decentralized finance.

NFT art collectors are incentivized to share art with other collectors. As a reward, people who successfully transfer and receive “the people’s potato” will earn $TATR tokens. This protocol is known as Social Liquidity Mining.

All revenues obtained from the sale of “the people’s potato” are directly reinvested into TATR tech and used to subsidize gas costs during distribution periods.

The problem with remixes is that they represent a financial threat to galleries via copyright litigation and attrition. This is highlighted by removing Robness’ 64-Gallon Toter from SuperRare and echoed by the challenge of legal remixes across platforms.

“Original Art Is The Weeds” is Second Realm’s remix of Nino Arteiro’s “An Original Art” remix of Coldie’s “Edward Snowden Variant 02.”


In the Decentralized Art (DeArt) space, remixes share the same audience, at scale, as those offended by them. I will argue that this friction is a symptom of a business decision made by SuperRare and adopted by other platforms.

Second Realm (eric)

Second Realm is the byname of award-winning NFT artist, Eric Paul Rhodes. He is the host of The Outer Realm podcast. And the creator of Unofficial Punks™.

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