raw words #4

20 June 2016 // Thoughts by the sea

see the white peaks rise and fall — a momentary crescendo sure to be missed by a blink of an eye. The wind blows (you have learn to appreciate it for what it’s worth) but you hold your ground, refusing to part ways, refusing to be set adrift.

25 September 2016

What do I do about
This furious heartbeat of time
Relentless, unforgiving
Lost in shallow cracks and deep recesses far beyond
The grasp of anyone,
Of anything;
Lost forever.
Dazed and dizzy,
I have ceased to connect the dots between what’s past and what’s present.
Numbly moving along to the monochromatic, dull ticking that routine offers.
What is there to say
What is there to offer except muted glances
There is understanding in silence when words are insufficient

Words seem to fail me now.
 I am disconnected.
They do not fall in line with each other. These words are out of sync like unmatching socks — reflective of a haphazard state of mind perhaps? Clutter or garbage? They are thoughts all the same.
They stumble that run fast. Soft earth sinks and gets trodden upon.
Don’t walk

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