Finishing. That’s where the magic is.
Linda Caroll

What do you call a deer blind in the one eye? A good eye deer. You’re onto something here. A friend recently suggested we should rather come up with `not-so-clever` ideas, they seem to have a much higher success rate. E.g. his acquaintance had the (not so brilliant) idea to make garlic butter using fresh garlic. Something just about anyone could do right? — today he supplies all the garlic butter for a gigantic restaurant empire with close to 1000 outlets.

Surely after finishing that first simple action step (most of us could do right now) he did the marketing, perfected his process, recipe, automating it etc etc. Each step done and dusted, and the next. It’s the same for landing a man on the moon or mars, if it’s gonna be done you need to get things done.

Oh, blind in both eyes — bad idea.

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