Burger King in Deal to Buy Popeyes: What will this mean for customers?

By: Customer’s Poet

I love that chicken from Popeyes as well as I love having it my way at BK. Yet, when I think of the two brands consolidating, I must admit it concerns me.

Considering Burger King has been known to implement new ideas and quickly change them without notice this gives me cause for concern. I remember when the introduced the Raspberry and Pina Colada flavored smoothies but quickly ditched them right when I got hooked. What a bummer! And let’s not forget the famous fry change. Burger King must have switched fries 3 different times.

Unlike Burger King, Popeyes does maintain a certain level of consistency. As it manages to do seasonal specials or promotions for a limited time food delicacies. Like their current promotion for waffle battered chicken strips with fries and a biscuit. Can I say YUM!

Either way this new acquisition is bound to turn heads. For the sake of its customers, I hope Burger King improves Popeyes for the better without bringing its name down like some other companies (which I won’t mention). After all, Burger King is not afraid to take risk.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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