Humans are innately curious creatures. We want to know what’s happening around us and we’re eager to hear untold stories. Most of all, we want to know we’re not alone. At Secret, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to be heard, and we want to create a safe place to say what’s on your mind and learn about the people around you.

With that, we’ve made a number of improvements to Secret as you know it today. At first glance you’ll notice Secret looks quite different. …

When we first designed Secret, we set a few key principles. Today, we’re releasing an update focused on one of them: Words are the centerpiece.

Over ten billion words have been shared and read by millions of people in our community. Along the way, we’ve learned several invaluable lessons about the great use cases of our platform as well as the realities of unwanted behavior that can hurt our community.

So, we’ve gone back to our base principles to help guide us forward. With that, we’re excited to announce a few meaningful improvements:

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Images were always intended to be the…

When we created Secret six months ago, we first gave it to our friends and family. We watched how they shared every day and believed Secret could be something special. The posts and conversations were unlike anything we’d seen on any other social network: raw, honest and human.

At the same time, we knew that safety had to be a top priority. The two of us had built social networks before (e.g. Google Wave, Google+, Photovine) and understood the importance of privacy, community tools and moderation; especially in an anonymous community. …

The next six months

Six months into growing and evolving Secret, our community has shown us how much demand there is for a social network centered around honest conversations. Whether it’s reporters in Moscow using Secret to interview Linkin Park, friends giving each other advice about their salaries or people lamenting about their (mostly) hilarious dating lives, these conversations share one thing in common: they are hard to imagine seeing anywhere else.

The compelling conversations we see everyday inspire us to expand Secret — to more social contexts (e.g., Dens pilot) and of course — to more people. As of today, this expansion is…

A private Secret for your company

Update: If your company has a private space setup or you’re not sure, simply visit<your-domain-name> (e.g.,

The magic of Secret was created by applying anonymity to your network. This combination creates genuine conversations that you wouldn’t have anywhere else online, and the result has inspired us to let you bring this experience to more of your networks, beyond only people in your contacts.

That’s why we’re creating a new way to share on Secret.

The idea behind Secret came from a desire to send an anonymous love letter. The experience of sending and receiving the note was both magical and exciting. It helped us realize that many of our most important thoughts start quietly — the moment we realize we’re in love; our first interview for a new job; the dream we have to travel. While people share an incredible amount online, these thoughts and ideas have not had a home on popular social networks, and we wanted to change that by creating Secret.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Secret is available to…

As of today, Secret is available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Secret works just as it does in the U.S., connecting you with the contacts in your phone so you can share with friends.

Since launching in the United States, Secret has spread across the country. In the last month, well over half the secrets came from outside the San Francisco Bay area, with the fastest growing areas on our platform being LA, New York, Texas and New Jersey. …

Two months in

Two months ago, we launched Secret — a safe place to secretly share what you think and feel. Secret is about emphasizing words and empowering meaningful conversations, so we took away names and profile photos while connecting you with people you know.

We’re inspired by the remarkable discussions sparked and the wealth of insights shared among friends, colleagues and even adversaries. When a secret is loved, it spreads through the community, leading to some interesting trends that we’re excited to share with you today.

Love. Love is universal, and there is no shortage of it on Secret.

45 days later

Today, Secret is 45 days old. In this short time, we’ve watched our community embrace and shape the tone of the product in inspiring, informative, heartfelt and creative ways. As the platform evolves, it becomes more clear that Secret truly shines in its ability to spark intriguing, meaningful and provocative conversations with unprecedented levels of authenticity.

Engagement. When we launched, we planned to spend the first 90 days learning, crafting and polishing the product before turning our attention to growth. We’re now halfway there and have found a direct correlation between the number of friends a user has and their…

Secrets all around you

Secret launched a little more than a month ago, and in that brief time we have been nothing short of inspired by how people share on Secret. It’s amazing how far secrets can quickly spread, some reaching tens of thousands of people and receiving thousands of hearts. The most well-traveled secrets​ are are often insightful, funny, poignant, or thought-provoking, sparking unique conversations that can’t be had anywhere else.

Today, we’re introducing two new ways for you to share and discover secrets:

Share. People are already sharing secrets by taking screenshots. Now you can easily share interesting secrets to…


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