An Immersive Art Exhibit Just Launched In DTLA And Its Serving Major ’80s Disco Vibes

Another pop-up art exhibit just surfaced in DTLA!

A mesmerizing festival favorite has landed at ROW DTLA with plans to light up the city before it disappears in a few days! For the first time ever you can catch the dazzling installation Light Leaks, by world-renowned technology artists Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan, as a standalone ticketed experience.

Drawing you in with millions of flickering reflections from dozens of glitzy disco balls, guests will find it hard to leave without feeling mesmerized, curious, and surprisingly tranquil. Visitors will begin to notice that the reflections completely transform the space leaving the perfect opportunity to feel immersed in the space and transporting them into an abstracted plane built from light!

Though it may seem like magic or an optical illusion, the secret behind this amazing form of production is the artists’ technical wizardry — rather than using projection, the exhibit showcases unique 3D functions that capture different properties of the space and human perception.

Try to catch the exhibit while you can, Light Leaks is only in town for 14 days opening on September 19 at noon before making a quick exit on October 2 at 8p! Tickets are only $10 and are offered at convenient 15-minute time slots during evening and weekend hours — get yours quick while supplies last!

Learn more about Light Leaks, here!

Originally published at Secret Los Angeles.