An NYC Summer Go-To, Gallow Green Rooftop Will Reopen Next Month

With this week warming up it’s time to start looking past winter. Spring officially begins next Wednesday, March 20 — which means it’s practically summer already, right? If you’ve ever spent a summer in NYC you know that means al fresco everything. More specifically, rooftop happy hours every-damn-day. Gallow Green is one of the city’s best (and favorite) rooftop bars year-round and it’ll be back to it’s green oasis toward the end of April!

The rooftop space will remain the The Lodge at Gallow Green — which you should visit if you haven’t already — until April 1. The space was transformed into a wintry rooftop cabin, made to look like it was in the middle of a forest with pine trees surrounding it, creating a cozy mountainside escape. They’ll also be offering brunch for the remaining weekends, so make your reservations soon or forever hold your peace! Well, until next winter…

An exact opening date has yet to be announced, but considering Gallow Green reopened on April 20 last year we imagine it’ll follow a similar schedule this year. Stay tuned for the specifics!

Place: Gallow Green

Location: 542 West 27th Street

Opening: April — TBD

Featured image source: Yelp / Bob C.

Originally published at Secretnyc.