This 700-Year-Old Brewery Is Older Than L.A. • ABK Beer

It’s not every day that you hear a beer has been around since the 18th century…

It looks like the saying it only gets better with age doesn’t only apply to wine! ABK Beer has been proudly brewing ale for more than 700 years and has pretty much earned the title of “world’s original craft beer” by seniority. Considering our very own city is only 238 years old, ABK must have been doing something right for the past seven decades to stick around as long as it has. No one knows better than an Angeleno that all good things come and go, however, this boozy beverage is the perfect example of everlasting traditions.

It all began back in 1308 when Aktien Brewery of Kaufbeuren was donated to the German city of Kaufbeuren, Bavaria by wealthy local named Henry Twinger. It didn’t take long before Aktien Brewery became the small town’s go-to hub for superb beers, leading the establishment to purchase other breweries in town making it one of Bavaria’s most prominent brewers by the 15th century.

Aktien Brewery produced the highest quality of beers, only using the finest barley, hops, yeasts, and purest local waters. With the help of legendary master brewer Zur Traube Güldenen in the 17th century, the local brewery mastered its signature recipe and became one of the very first breweries in Bavaria to produce the then “forbidden” wheat ales that were then, only brewed exclusively for Bavarian Royalty. His Royal Highness Prince Ludwig himself traveled to Kaufbeuren to visit the ‘legendary’ beers for himself, and considering the brews reputation over 300 years later, we assume things went well!

Today, the Aktien Brewery still exclusively utilizes only the finest locally grown hops and grains from the same farms they’ve been using for over 700 years. They say all good things come to an end but in ABK’s case, it seems as though their Bavarian brewing heritage and tradition may remain a hit for centuries to come!

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Originally published at Secret Los Angeles.