You’ll Soon Be Able To Catch A Direct Train From London To Bordeaux

British travellers could soon travel directly between London and south-west France in less than five hours.

At least that’s what the Big Dogs in train travel are proposing. Aimed at passengers who prefer to travel by train than plane, the new route would cut the journey — currently taking up to seven hours with a transfer in Paris or Lille — down to less than five hours, with no changes.

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The new international route would bypass Paris and, instead, make use of the high-speed track between Tours and Bordeaux, which opened last year. Fares aren’t yet confirmed, but it’s likely that they’ll try to compete with low-cost airlines. Because, let’s be honest, why else would you choose a five hour journey over an hour and a half flight?

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Train companies are currently in talks about the possibilities of the route — including HS1 and the Eurostar — and are apparently already discussing timetable slots. So, if everything goes to plan, it looks like the service will be ready within the next couple of years. Forget the City of Love, we’re heading to the City of Wine!

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Originally published at Secret London.