Covent Garden’s Ice Climbing Wall Is London’s Coolest Day Out • Vertical Chill

What’s cooler than being cool? Vertical Chill.

Feel like embarking on an icy adventure, but don’t want to risk hypothermia on the slopes of Everest? We feel ya. Swap the Himalayas for Covent Garden instead, where Vertical Chill offers the same slippery rush without the risk of falling into a crevasse. Tucked away in the back of Ellis Brigham’s central London store, you’ll find an imposing eight metre ice wall, just waiting to be conquered. Tickets are available here, or read on for more info.

Vertical Chill
Vertical Chill
Photo: @ben.tavener

I would call ice climbing London’s hottest climbing experience, but that seems a little counterproductive. Vertical Chill is your chance to prove your climbing chops, hone your survival skills, or else live out just one aspect of your Game of Thrones fantasy.


Vertical Chill welcomes beginners and experienced climbers alike to an ice cave that reaches the chilly lows of -12°C, so it’s probably a good idea to wrap up warm. Your ascent, assisted by special shoes and a couple of handy ice axes, will see you rise up through the shop, tackling everything from easy inclines to a dramatic overhang on a variety of routes. Over an hour long session of ice climbing, you’ll overcome the frigid challenge of the wall to conquer the summit — and after that, Everest should be a breeze!

Get your tickets to Vertical Chill here.

Featured image: @vertical.chill

Originally published at Secret London.