A Bar Made Completely Out Of Lego Blocks Is Coming To NYC This Summer

Let your inner child meet your adult self for drinks at the infamous Brick Bar that’s heading to New York City this summer!

The Brick Bar pop-up has seen success in places like Melbourne and London, and is now finally crossing the pond to the states with bars popping up in LA, Denver, Houston, Columbus, Cincinnati, and New York City. Nothing gives us the nostalgic vibes quite like sitting at a bar made of Legos — think Lego seats, cups, and even Lego-shaped food! In addition to the various Lego sculptures, the bar itself will be built using over one-million Lego blocks , and you’ll be able to create whatever you’d like with the free floating Legos available while you’re there.

Courtesy of Brick Bar

According to their team, Brick Bar sessions will include prize-worthy events like building competitions and table tennis competitions (which are played on a Lego table using over 22,000 blocks). Tickets to the nostalgic event will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. The venue and dates have not been solidified, but it seems they’ll be in NYC from June 20th through the 23rd. To be sure you’ll snag a ticket, it’s best to sign up on their website for pre-sale tickets (which sold out in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and London within 24 hours).

featured image source: Courtesy of Brick Bar

Originally published at Secretnyc.