London’s Most Instagrammable Toilets Have Had A Valentine’s Makeover

The sketch toilets have undergone another seasonal redesign.

At fabulously trendy restaurant sketch, a trip to the loo is usually something special — but now, there’s an extra reason to visit their famed bathrooms. The sketch toilets, the loos that launched a thousand mirror selfies, have been given a lovely Valentine’s makeover. The floral arrangement is bringing the love to this upmarket bog, but in a totally non-dodgy way. Check ’em out!

sketch toilets

The famous pods themselves have been left alone, but they’ve been joined by a fabulous floral sculpture: a pair of red and pink poodles, set to evoke memories of ‘Lady and the Tramp’. Designed by Ricky Paul Flowers, the duo are a particularly rare breed, composed of pink and red roses.

sketch toilets

Predctably, the bathroom’s new residents are already big hit on Instagram, despite having only been unveiled this week.

sketch toilets
Photo: @ellhollins

sketch are furthering the Valentine’s experience with a themed afternoon tea created by founding chef Pierre Gagnaire, served in their delightfully pink Gallery. In fact, the tea itself boasts a running pink theme, with the likes of poppy & redcurrant eclairs, caramel & blackcurrant macaroons, and wild strawberry & vanilla Batternberg cake on the menu. Really, it’s an afternoon tea you’ll fall head over heels for.

sketch toilets

All in all, the most extra AF restaurant in London just got a little more extra. Which makes it a pretty good time to pay a visit, am I right?

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Originally published at Secret London.