An East Village Institution, Moishe’s Bake Shop Has Closed

Rumors have been floating around in regards to Moishe’s kosher bake shop closing, but it was announced this week that the shop has indeed closed.

The kosher bakery known for its delicious rugelach, hamantashen, babka and challah is closing the chapter of its 40-year East Village run. Although there is another location in the Lower East Side, the original at 115 Second Avenue is a thing of history now.

According to an initial report by EV Grieve, the first ones to break the sad news were storefront photographers James and Karla Murray.

However, the report also includes several updates showing that even though the storefront appears completely shuttered, there is a sign in one of the windows claiming it is closed for renovations. While the bake shop itself may be closed, it is speculated that Perl’s son will possibly be opening a coffee shop in its place; although nothing has been confirmed.

Toward the end of 2018, a 21-year-lease was signed by Jay Schwimmer for the entire building with an option for the tenant to purchase the premises.

Fingers crossed they’ll come back as a coffee shop and bakery that’s just as good as the original…but if not, there is still the bakery at 504 Grand Street #1.

featured image source: yelp / Todd H.

Originally published at Secretnyc.