A Stunning New VR Bar Is Coming To East London (And It’s Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen)

Beneath a railway arch in Haggerston, Londoners will soon be able to step into The Otherworld.

Presented by the ominously named Dream Corporation, this dazzling new spot gives guests the chance to try the latest VR experiences with their friends — all in scintillatingly sci-fi surroundings.

Otherworld Virtual Reality

While other VR venues might overlook the space beyond the headset, at Otherworld you’ll be able to enjoy cocktails, craft beer and poké in-between trips into parallel dimensions, promising happy days for players and companions alike.

Otherworld Haggerston

Each player occupies their own Immersion Booth, so rest assured that crowds won’t be watching you flail around frantically. The social isolation lasts but a moment, however, as you’ll soon be reunited with your companions in your preferred alternate reality.

Otherworld VR Games

Having attracted a tasty £1m in investment, the Otherworld boasts state-of-the-art wireless VIVE headsets, enhanced by booths that generate heat, wind, rumble and even scent effects. (Smell-o-Vision lives, people!) And with sixteen different games on offer at launch, you might find yourself bending the very fabric of time itself, adventuring through the Wild West, stepping into the world of Rick ’n’ Morty or simply slicing some fruit with a trusty katana.

Virtual Reality London

Meanwhile, the venue’s First Class Lounge can entertain groups of up to 12 people, with table and bottle service, 360° art projections, and even a self-serve beer tap pouring their very own house lager. (And absolutely no karaoke, so you can be sure Kath won’t be tempted to ‘do’ Shania Twain. Sweet relief!)

Otherworld opens on April 15 and sessions (from £11 for a one-hour session) are now open for booking. See you in the next reality, friends!

Location: 336 Acton Mews, E8 4EA. Nearest station: Haggerston.
 Opening hours: from April 15, seven days a week, 11am — 11pm, or until midnight on Fri-Sat.
 Cost: varies by day and time, but from £11 per player per hour.
 For more information: see their website.

Originally published at Secret London.