37 Awesome Films We Can’t Wait To See In 2019

Here are the hottest new films coming to UK cinemas this year.

Each year, cinema raises its game with Oscar-contenders, indie hits, and summer blockbusters taking to the screens. These buzzy upcoming films have attracted early attention — but you’ll soon be able to make up your own mind as they arrive at a multiplex near you. (And don’t forget you can get tickets to any Odeon showing for just £8.49 right here!)

New releases in UK cinemas right now

Why wait to enjoy the magic of the silver screen? These films are already in picturehouses around London.

1. How To Train Your Dragon

Ready to feel all the feels? The heartwarming series comes to a high-stakes conclusion; when a merciless dragon hunter puts the residents of Berk and their dragons in peril, Hiccup and Toothless must search for the mysterious Hidden World. You will cry, and you will not be ashamed of that. Get your tickets here.

2. Green Book

Currently generating a fair amount of Oscar buzz, particularly for Mahershala Ali’s portrayal of pianist Don Shirley. With the American South being an unwelcoming place for black motorists in the 60s, Shirley hires opinionated New York bouncer Viggo Mortensen to be his driver, for a road trip which challenges stereotypes and breaks down their barriers. Grab your tickets here.

3. Vice

This Dick Cheney biopic (or Dick pic, if you will) takes a high-speed journey through the George W. Bush administration, focusing on the machinations of his divisive vice president. Christian Bale takes the lead, although you’ll be hard pressed to recognise him given all the weight he packed on for the role. Tickets available here.

4. Lego Movie 2

Expectations are high for the sequel after the first Lego Movie proved to be an absolute riot. Everything is slightly less than awesome in Bricksburg after Duplo invaders come crashing from space, kicking off a musical romp with a story that builds… brick by brick. Your tickets are here.

5. The Favourite

Yorgos Lanthimos assembles a cracking cast for this 18th-century romp. Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz engage in a bawdy battle of wits to win the favour of Olivia Colman’s brilliantly petulant Queen Anne. It all makes Prince Harry’s youthful exploits look rather tame in comparison, to be honest. Find tickets here.

Films arriving in UK cinemas in 2019

The rest of 2019 holds some cinematic crackers — here’s what you can look forward to!

6. On The Basis Of Sex, February 22

The Notorious RBG gets the biopic treatment this year — that’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for those not in the know. Felicity Jones dons the robes of the US Supreme Court justice, tracing her early years in the law and her struggle for equal rights. Expect it to be Supremely entertaining!

7. Captain Marvel, March 8

Damn, Earth is so bloody needy, isn’t it? The latest entry in the “Earth needs a hero” canon is the Brie Larson-led Captain Marvel, which makes a little bit of history as Marvel’s first female-fronted and female-directed superhero film. Oh, and it’s set in the 90s, for a bit of campy nostalgia. Find out more here.

8. Us, March 22

Jordan Peele parlayed clever horror flick Get Out all the way to an Oscar win, so the expectations are pretty high for his followup effort. A picture-perfect family getaway is rudely interrupted by a murderous tribe of doppelgangers — the only downside to seeing this in the cinema is that you can’t watch it with the lights on… Read all about it here.

9. The White Crow, March 22

Rudolf Nurevyev was the Soviet Union’s most lauded celebrities, at least until his dramatic defection to the West in 1961. The turbulent journey of one of ballet’s most famous figures is charted in this Ralph Fiennes-directed biopic, hitting cinemas in March.

10. Dumbo, March 29

Kicking off a flood of Disney remakes hitting UK cinemas in 2019, the charming tale of the flying elephant draws on the star power of Colin Farrell, Eva Green, and Danny DeVito to give the classic film new life, under the supervision of director Tim Burton.

11. At Eternity’s Gate, March 29

Willem Dafoe has already scooped an Oscar nomination for his turn as Vincent Van Gogh in this measured, often mournful biopic. Focusing on the painter’s last days in the south of France, it’s certainly one for the art crowd.

12. Shazam!, April 5

Puberty is hard enough without suddenly discovering you can transform into an adult superhero just by uttering the word “Shazam!”. The result looks set to be an enjoyably juvenile superhero flick, albeit it with the obligatory threat from Mark Strong’s Dr Thaddeus Sivana.

13. Avengers: Endgame, April 25

Yes, but is it really the end? You can never tell with the Marvel universe… I did refer to it as the “Earth needs a hero” canon, but the heroes sort of ballsed things up in the last film, with pretty catastrophic results. Presumably they’ll get a chance to fix things in the sequel by… turning back time or something?

14. Tolkien, May 3

Having turned most of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works into films already, this one looks at his own story: growing up an orphan, forging a fellowship of schoolfriends, and his time in the British Army during World War I. Oh, and there’s a love story worthy of Beren and Luthien in there, too.

15. Detective Pikachu, May 10

Easily the most “WTF?” film arrival of 2019, this could be the knowing, gritty neo-noir Pokemon film you never knew you needed. Ryan Reynolds is the wearily sardonic, caffeine-addicted Pikachu, and yes, that’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d type. Find out more here.

16. John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum, May 17

Poor Keanu Reeves had his fair share of troubles in the first two films, and things are about to get worse. Having accidentally killed a member of an international assassin’s guild, life gets rather messy rather fast. Also he’s on a horse at some stage?

17. Aladdin, May 24

Disney are all in on the live-action remakes, and this is perhaps the most anticipated of the lot. Will Smith has big shoes to fill as he takes on Robin Williams’ iconic role of the Genie, in a film that’s somewhat improbably directed by Guy Ritchie. Here are all the details.

18. Rocketman, May 24

Taron Egerton and Richard Madden take the leads in a long-rumoured biopic of Elton John, complete with outrageous outfits and big musical numbers. I can’t help but think you can get the story in a lot less time from the John Lewis Christmas advert, though.

19. Godzilla: King of the Monsters, May 31

Big stars and bigger monsters. Godzilla is the least of humanity’s problems when a whole host of other behemoths show up, spoiling for a fight that could very well wipe out life on Earth. Small price to pay for good cinema though, innit?

20. Dark Phoenix, June 7

Sophie Turner doesn’t get an easy ride, does she? Buffeted by the tides of outrageous misfortune in Game of Thrones, she’s now gained some world-ending powers in the latest X-Men instalment. “The X-Men will have to decide if the life of a team member is worth more than all the people living in the world” says IMDb. That doesn’t exactly sound like a tough choice though, does it?

21. Shaft, June 14

I’ll be honest, this one makes the list almost entirely for the tagline: “More shaft than you can handle”. Three generations of Shafts, including a swaggering turn from Samuel L. Jackson, look set to turn this crime caper into a riotous affair.

22. Men in Black: International, June 14

With Will Smith off granting wishes and leading Disney chorus lines, the franchise needed some new agents. They’ve got them in the form of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, who are tasked with identifying a mole within the agency. Also wins points for the excellent use of Fergie’s ‘London Bridges’ in the trailer.

23. Toy Story 4, June 21

I don’t know about you, but I’m still not ready for this one after All The Emotions of Toy Story 3. Anyway, the headline news is that Bo Peep returns for this instalment, which will no doubt mix the laughs with the existential questions of being a toy in a kid’s world.

24. Yesterday, June 28

Smart, sunny, and with a cracking soundtrack, I reckon this one looks like a winner. The ever-dependable Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle combine to tell the tale of Jack Malik, who suddenly becomes the only man on Earth who knows who The Beatles are, and uses this to catapult himself to stardom. Get excited, and just be thankful Ed Sheeran wasn’t around to advise The Beatles about songwriting…

25. Spider-Man: Far From Home, July 5

Given that the first film in this thrice-rebooted franchise was much better than it had any right to be, hopes are high for the sequel. Gap years don’t come much more turbulent than this one, with carnage coming to London, Venice, and Paris at the hands of the curiously-named Mysterio.

26. The Queen’s Corgi, July 5

Before you say anything, there will be no voice cameo from Her Maj in this royally silly animated romp. What you will get is a terrifying-looking Prince Philip, plus impressionist Jon Culshaw voicing a character ominously named ‘Trump’, so there’s that to look forward to.

27. The Lion King, July 19

From dogs to very big cats. A seriously impressive roster of voice talent leads this Disney remake, with Donald Glover, Beyonce, and James Earl Jones all joining the pride. Expect lush scenes of the African savannah, and hopefully a few rousing musical numbers too. See more here.

28. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, July 26


Quentin Tarantino returns with a tale of the fading Hollywood Golden Age. Leonardo DiCaprio (his first film role in four years, amazingly) is the fading star, Brad Pitt is the stunt double tagging along for the ride. Details are a little thin on the ground, but rumour has it the Charles Manson murders will contribute to the plot in some way.

29. It: Chapter Two, September 6


I’ll admit that I’m not the best at horror films, but even I could enjoy the It remake which emerged, twitchily terrifying, last year. Set 27 years after the events of the first film, Pennywise’s reappearance draws the gang back to Derry for another twisty showdown.

30. Downton Abbey, September 13

Has too much time elapsed since the series finished for this to be culturally relevant? You’ll get your answer this September, when the Crawley family make the move to the big screen, after a “grand, mysterious event” pulls everyone back to the abbey.

31. Joker, October 4


Arthur Fleck’s standup comedy career is failing, and he’s not dealing with it well. In fact, he’s dealing with it so badly that he heads down the path of psychopathic criminal and Batman nemesis in this 80s-set origin story. With Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role, hopes are high that this marks a return to form for DC.

32. Zombieland: Double Tap, October 11


After a TV serial followup was — according to the writer — “hated out of existence”, 2009’s Zombieland gets an unlikely sequel. The original team are all returning, this time dealing with more advanced members of the undead, and their own dysfunctional family dynamic.

33. The Addams Family, October 25


Right, altogether on the theme song now! Cinema’s most ghoulishly dysfunctional family are back for a new adventure, with an impressive cast list boasting the likes of Charlize Theron, Allison Janney, Oscar Isaac, and Chloe Grace Moretz.

34. Last Christmas, November 15

Photo: @henrygolding

A love story, set in London around Christmastime? Does it dare to threaten Love Actually’s undisputed reign? With Emma Thompson on board as a screenwriter, and the songs of George Michael rumoured to form the backdrop, it might be doing just that. Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are the loved-up couple in question — but since they’ve chosen to set it in 2016 (AKA humanity’s Annus Horribilis), literally anything could go wrong.

35. Frozen 2, November 22

Oh Disney, you really are spoiling us this year. After the runaway success of the first film, a sequel was fairly inevitable, and a dramatic teaser trailer arrived last week to stir up excitement. Details are pretty thin, but an epic journey in pursuit of an “ancient mystery” is in the offing, hopefully with some absolutely storming new musical numbers. Read all about it here.

36. Cats, December 20


Depending on your viewpoint, this is either a beloved or completely nonsensical musical, and 2019 sees a cinematic version arrive. Judi Dench, Idris Elba, and Taylor Swift are part of an all-star cast, and having never actually seen Cats, I can’t really give you much more than that.

37. Sonic the Hedgehog, December 26


Blatantly copying the blueprint of Detective Pikachu? Maybe. The lightning fast hedgehog is evading government agents with the help of a friendly neighbourhood cop — Jim Carrey, James Marsden, and Ben Schwartz (aka Jean-Ralphio) take the leading roles.

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