A ‘Smash Room’ For Stressed Out Mancs Has Opened In Manchester And It Sounds Amazing

At Temper Tank, you’ll be able to throw the adult equivalent of a temper tantrum, without the repercussions.

Tempertank, Manchester’s first smash room, is giving people the opportunity to improve their mental health, work through their emotions and express their creativity by smashing stuff with baseball bats and sledgehammers, while dancing to the chosen playlist and having fun.

It’s a bit like that episode of The Simpsons where they visit a family therapist who gives them foam-covered sticks and tells them to work out their frustration by hitting each other. But instead of hitting people (which is, just to be clear, wrong), customers will be able to live out the rage-driven fantasy of destroying everything in the room.

Photo: tempertankmcr

A spokesman for Tempertank said:

“The concept came about as we know how satisfying it would be to be able to break items from our daily routines.

“We believe this will positively contribute to mental health by providing an environment to express pent up emotions partnered with stress and anxiety.”

Guests will be able to pick from three packages, which will determine the items they are given to destroy. Packages are available from Fever and are priced from £70 for five people.

What are you waiting for? Click here to book your package, pick your weapon and start smashing!

Sessions will last 30 minutes. You will need to book a session with the venue after purchasing your ticket; further instructions will be included in your confirmation email.

Originally published at Secret Manchester.