It’s Official: “Sesame Street” Can Now Call Manhattan’s UWS Home

If you ever have to give someone the directions to “Sesame Street” (although we’re not sure who’d be asking), you now can.

As of Wednesday, May 1, Sesame Street is a real place in Manhattan that can be visited. About a decade ago another intersection was temporarily labeled “Sesame Street,” but the new permanent location can be found on the Upper West Side on 63rd Street and Broadway.

Twitter / @NYCMayorsOffice

Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal were joined by Elmo, Big Bird, and the rest of the cast on Wednesday morning, May 1, to unveil the official signage. The honor also celebrates the show’s 50th anniversary, “Fifty years of extraordinary programming, 50 years of making people’s lives better, 50 years of helping children believe in themselves. It’s absolutely amazing. Sesame Street changed this country. And for everyone who has been a part of it, I hope you feel that — that what you’ve done has been profoundly important,” said de Blasio.

In his speech he went on to say: “There is also something beautiful for us watching when they were young to see our own city, even our own neighborhood portrayed in Sesame Street. And you cannot take the New York City out of Sesame Street, can you?”

In addition to the block getting a new name, the day itself (May 1) has been officially proclaimed by de Blasio as Sesame Street Day in NYC.

featured image source: Twitter / @NYCMayor

Originally published at Secretnyc.