Covent Garden Is Getting Two Cafes Dedicated Entirely To Custard Tarts

Santa Nata is coming to town.

Lovely Lisbon has been one of the most in-demand tourist spots of recent years, and whilst folks regularly sing the praises of the charming architecture, fascinating museums, and tranquil parks, it’s always something sweet that tops the list. The beloved pastéis de nata are a city treasure — in fact, our sister site Lisboa Secreta handily rounded up the city’s best — and it’s about to get even easier to get a taste of them, as Santa Nata opens in London this month.

In fact, so confident are Santa Nata in our enduring love for the tarts that they’re opening two pastelarias in quick succession. The first will arrive on Russell Street on April 22nd, whilst the sophomore effort lands in Seven Dials sometime in May.

Santa Nata
Photo: @i_am_not_dror_pinto

It’s a bold gambit for a new opening, but they’ve got the experience to back it up: Hot Dinners reports the brains behind it are second-generation bakers who’ve laboured to perfect their recipe.

Happily, you’ll be able to wolf down a pastel de nata from morning until evening, as Santa Nata will be open 10am-10pm. They’ll also be serving coffee and port, if you fancied something a little stronger to complement your tart. And whilst two new pastelarias is enough cause for celebration, here’s a little more: from noon on April 22nd and 23rd, Santa Nata will give away 250 free pastéis de nata. Looks like Lisbon has come to us!

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Find Santa Nata at 17 Russell Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5HP (opens April 22nd), and 7 New Row, Seven Dials, WC2N 4LH (opens May). Keep an eye on their Instagram for updates.

Originally published at Secret London.