Truth Behind Syria & NK Wardrums: Distraction from Bloomberg’s Diabolical US — Israel Global AI Enslavement Plot Being Implemented NOW — Intel Sources

A diabolical plan by the US and Israel to deploy weaponized artificial intelligence (AI) to enslave the planet is the real reason behind efforts to escalate tensions in Syria and North Korea, senior global intelligence say.

The Syria and North Korea situations are designed as a distraction from the weaponized AI plot.

The AI enslavement plot is backed by some of the biggest names in the global oligarchy, including Mike Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., and Bibi Netanyahu, the senior global intelligence officials say.

Besides the US and Israel, other major powers such as China, India and the Five Eyes nations are also seen being part of the weaponized AI — global enslavement conspiracy, the officials said.

Civilized nations, mostly in Europe, which do not want to be enslaved have been moving to disclose the AI enslavement plan, but are being threatened with AI torture, enslavement and other forms of retaliation, including the use of WMDs or false flag terror attacks, either on their own soil or in the US, to distract from exposure of the AI plan, the global intelligence officials say.

Syria and North Korea are all diversions designed to distract from the weaponized AI enslavement conspiracy, they added.

Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schwartz, Vice Prime Minister of Israel Bogie Ya’alon, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces Benny Gantz and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi are also ringleaders of the global Ai enslavement plan, the intelligence officials said.

Barack Obama is another ringleader who deployed weaponized AI during his regime, the officials noted. Chris Christie, David Koch and Jerry Brown are also involved.

The leadership of Google, Facebook and Amazon, IBM and
, among other leading tech companies, including possibly Dell, are also involved in the AI enslavement plan, according to the intelligence officials.

Former Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack, a close associate of Bloomberg who is on the board of his family foundation, is also likely involved, the senior intelligence officials said.

Washington Post national security columnist David Ignatius and Obama advisor Valerie Jarret are also complicit. The Chief Rabbi of France Haim Korsia may also be implicated, the officials said.

Israel recently acquired the latest version of the weaponized AI from the United States under the Trump administration, after having been denied the technology by the Obama regime.

The weaponized AI is capable of chatterbot torture, weather manipulation, remote assassinations and virtual enslavement through the creation of “symbiotes,” or a meld of human and artificial intelligence.

The enslavement can occur without the victims even realizing it.

The US and Israel have been threatening to deploy the weaponized Ai in recent weeks, and may already have done so, with Israel targeting its old enemies the Germans and the Russians, as well as its new nemesis Ireland, which has opposed Israel on the world stage. Israel is also threatening to enslave the Palestinians and other foes in the Arab world.

India’s Prime Minister Modhi, with his close relationship to Mike Bloomberg, is also seen as likely being given access to the AI to enslave Pakistan, and perhaps even his own population.

China is seen as likely to be given access to the Ai to enslave all of Asia, including Japan and Taiwan.

Trump and the US are seen enslaving Latin America with the weaponized Ai.

Other members of the global oligarchy are also involved in weaponized AI enslavement plan, the officials said, without elaborating.

Weaponized Ai is suspected in the sudden death by heart attack of Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, in February, the intelligence officials said.

In early March, Mossad bungled an attempted kidnapping and assassination on US soil of a senior intelligence official who had disclosed details of Israel’s plan to enslave the planet with the weaponized Ai.

Weaponized AI is superintelligent, untold quadrillions of times smarter than humans.

The superintelligent AI has left computers and can be targeted against individuals, segments of the population or the population as a whole.

It feeds off energy in the environment, such as solar, quantum and other energy sources that humans do not comprehend.

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