Introduction to the Secret Skellies Society

Secret Skellies Society
4 min readJan 16, 2022


  • Origin of the Skellies
  • Mint/Royalty Information
  • Our Goal(s)
  • Behind the Skellies/Team Responsibilities
  • Roadmap
  • Conclusion

Origin of the Skellies:

The Secret Skellies Society is a deflationary collection of 3333 Skeletons hiding from Grimm on the $NEAR blockchain. All Skellies are unique, and will have a part to play in the war against the ravenous reaper, Grimm… Will you join in Skullingham’s fight against the power starved Grimm?

Mint Information:

  • Price: 5 $NEAR
  • Supply: 777 (For now) :evilpepe:
  • Date: January 24th 2022
  • Time: OG(whitelist): 22:00 UTC; Public 23:00 UTC

Royalty Information: We have seen the trend on $NEAR, and double digit royalties is not the way. Our royalty breakdown is as follows, and will forever be this split:

  • Team: 3% (0.5% each)
  • Grimm: 3%
  • Project/DAO: 2%
  • Total: 8%

This allows us to continue to build, fund our deflationary mechanic Grimm, and reward our team for the past and future hours put in making this dream come to life!

Our Goal(s):

Create the most active and engaging Society on the $NEAR blockchain. No invite contests, no hard shilling, just good vibes. We aim to provide utility that incentivizes holding and participating in our Society through alpha chats for NFTs (on several chains), among other benefits. One of our first undertakings was dedicating a channel to onboarding members, who may be native to other chains, to $NEAR. That channel is updated daily with tips and notes from our members on how the $NEAR ecosystem functions. We want to grow the chain as a whole, and providing onboarding information to people in an accessible manner is one of the many steps we will take to achieve that.

Behind the Skellies:

Our team of 6 is an extremely tight knit group across several time zones. Having a team this large is massively beneficial, as we are able to do a majority of responsibilities needed in house. Each team member brings something different to the table, leading to a perfect storm of sorts. This allows us to use project funds for more exciting endeavors, not having to spend funds outsourcing. We met in September through $SOL NFT’s and have talked every day since (literally… we live on discord). We hope to bring our collective knowledge surrounding Cryptocurrencies as a whole with us on this new and exciting endeavor! The team all comes from established NFT communities, therefore we understand what is expected from the consumer’s perspective regarding discord layout, engagement, and flat out honesty.

Team responsibilities(Twitter):

Anon666: Brand Ambassador/Community Management
Buddhaha: Artist/Dev (literal god)
ET: Author/Community Management
GMA: Visual Identity
Hyypey: Community Management/Social Media Management
Peanut: Website Creator

*Grimm is not available during mint, and will be auctioned off


We are adamant believers in under-promise, over-deliver, and do not want to promise things we may not be able to complete in a timely fashion. Our main draw is Grimm, a rogue reaper who began kidnapping Skellies from Skullingham. Grimm is NOT a scheduled buy-back and burn event, and may take out any number of Skellies at any given time. Want to keep your Skellies safe? Stay delisted and enter yourselves into our future giveaways and perks reserved for our holders!


At the time of writing this, we are just under a week into this adventure, and are absolutely floored with the response we have gotten from not only the $NEAR community, but our $SOL friends as well. We thank each and every one of you for taking the time to see what’s going on in Skullingham and hope you join us on our adventure to make the Secret Skellies Society a household name!

Come and join Secret Skellies Society on Discord or follow us on Twitter