I made a LED dog collar with JavaScript.

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The main ingredients: dog collar, leftover neopixels strip, & adafruit circuit playground express

Blocks Editor:

Piecing together ‘show ring’ bits with selected colors in a forever loop to create a simple 2-part animation.

JavaScript Editor:

Creating the same 2-part animation as above, but using the javascript editor.


Pro-tip: Creating a Fritzing diagram can save you so much headache from mis-soldering something 😥(see below).
A test fit of the board and LEDs on the dog collar.
Ready to start soldering!
Attaching LEDs to dog collar with zipties

Coding the Collar:

Writing and simulating my code as I go in the MakeCode editor.
Rainbow, Shake sparkles, Button A turns it off, then Button B starts it again.

Full build disclosure:

❤️ 💛 💚 💜



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