It all came creeping back

She was rare beauty, something you can’t resist from falling in love

She was chaotically radiant

Her crystal eyes were the windows to her soul

She walked with universe on her shoulders, like it was a pair of wings

She was hard to understand, easy to love

But couldn’t reach the stars

Being a girl wasn’t curse

But she knew being a girl with big dreams. in narrow minded society is!

The very society asks to treasure herself during her menses

What helped her to stand up, made her fall

What made her shine, tore her apart

She was warned to carry whisper and stayfree

Just so she could stay stress free

Hoping no one whispers behind her red stained jeans

Like every other women, like every other girl

She makes a fake promise to herself that things were going to change

Its time we all start making a difference create a world

Where women can bleed with pride

Where women no more feel shy, just cause they bleed red, for a week, every month in their life

Where pads aren’t wrapped and tampons aren’t untouchable

Where we could talk about menses openly

Where you and I are the same irrespective of our gender, irrespective of our bodies

with a blind belief she sat upright staring at her red stained PJ’S

Just as her younger brother walked in, asking her what is it?

she gave a hesitant reply claiming it to be ketchup stain

He denied saying

NO! It’s blood of a warrior

she then knew things would change

This time for real with no more fake promises

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